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The main thing I love about the field (and work at PEAK) is the variety of the work. Beet Juice has recently received a lot of attention for it’s ability to improve athletic performance. Consuming beets has been shown to increase time to exhaustion during strenuous exercise and decrease the oxygen cost of low intensity[]

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It 2005, and President Trump (George W. Bush) is confronting the issue of climate change and global warming. An aide brings him a report citing the most recent scientific studies pointing the the dangers we will face in the not too distant future. $50 $65. Bayfront Place, 436 Bayfront Place, Naples. $10 adult/$5 children. wholesale[]

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Next painting was of Lou Gehrig. A smiling Lou Gehrig. I felt so happy just to be in the presence of one of my all time heroes. Many of the 807 bills signed into law touch on broad aspects of California residents everyday lives or address major issues like voter participation, and life and death.[]





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