Track your team members

Your employees run the app on their computers and check in to the project. They can set up the tool to warn them periodically or work unobtrusively without interrupting their workflow.

  • Easy to Use and Quick to Setup

    MonitorMyTeam is super easy to use both for you and for your team members. Running silently in background, MonitorMyTeam will never be a distraction.
    MonitorMyTeam is a desktop tool installed on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers. You can monitor your entire team from a single workplace

  • Offline Mode

    No 24×7 connectivity for some of your team members? MonitorMyTeam will keep working, accumulating offline data on their computer until they have a connection.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

    MonitorMyTeam is available for all popular desktop platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers. Manage your entire team no matter what OS they are using!

  • Automatic Reporting

    MonitorMyTeam can generate reports automatically. Discover how many hours you paid for and compare that number to how many hours your contractors actually spent working!

Control employee workflow

Screenshots of your employees’ desktops are periodically captured. You can see the screenshots to control their workflow. Based on what you see on the screenshots, you are able to exclude the time your employees spend doing personal activities from their paid hours.

  • Manage Your Team Members

    Keep track of your remote workers! Outsourcing parts of your project to remote contractors or hiring a freelancer is a perfectly viable scheme – if you do it right. Contractors will normally invoice you based on the number of hours. But how do you know they worked the hours they put on the bill? MonitorMyTeam will monitor keyboard and mouse activity and take periodic screenshots of their desktop to track working time. Supporting Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, MonitorMyTeam is ready to help you manage your team members no matter what platform they choose.

  • Discover What You Are Paying For

    Numbers not talking? MonitorMyTeam captures screenshots of your team members’ desktops periodically. With this feature, you’ll be always aware of what you’re paying for.

Manage your team

You have full control over who works on your projects. Add, remove and edit employees, assign projects, set and adjust their hourly pay.

Manage your projects

Add, remove and manage projects and assign team members. You can have multiple team members working on a given project just like you can have multiple projects assigned to a given team member.

Access reports

See comprehensive performance reports and receive automatic pay calculations based on set hourly rate and the number of hours they actually spent working. See how much your contractors really cost!

  • Know How Much You Are Paying

    Track work hours and automate billing, maintain your employees’ hourly pay rates and access monthly summaries in just a few clicks.

  • Improve Employee Accountability

    MonitorMyTeam is great for remote contractors, yet it’s just perfect for using on premises. Just install MonitorMyTeam to your employees’ computers, and you’ll always know how productive your team members are. Expecting a 100% work time is unreasonable, but large pauses or major time spent on non-work related activities is unacceptable. MonitorMyTeam will help you determine who does what during their paid hours.

Consent-based solution

MonitorMyTeam is a consent-based solution. It never submits anything without your employees’ consent. Your team members can access the screenshots captured by the monitoring tool. Should they find the screenshot to contain personal information, they are free to delete it to protect their privacy.